Links Karate Self Defense sessions are now part of the Grading Syllabus for all students 14 years+ from 3rd Kyu and above. You will need to obtain the relevant self-defense qualification before you attempt your higher grades as listed below.  These sessions will be held within Links Combat Training Sessions.

Students that are under the age of 14, 3rd Kyu and above, when reaching the required age will be required to play catch up on these sessions.  


Each level requires the student to master the specific defences for different types of attacks as well as training themselves in various punches and kicks and combination defense/attack moves.  The students will have to demonstrate their sparring ability and aggression.  This is not to develop an aggressive personality in the students, but more to enhance the spirit that is inherent in the close quarter combat ethos of Links Self  Defense which will all be demonstrated in a safe environment.


It takes time to develop the specific skills required for each level and the skill set is an extension of the Links Karate syllabus. We feel that in todays world with bullying and unprovoked attacks rife this will give the students awareness by training in specific self defense needs so will now be added to our syllabus.


Mental & Psychological Benefits

*Building a strong sense of self-belief, confidence and self-esteem.  This will continue to help you in every aspect of your life as you continue to grow!

*Greater ability to face obstacles and challenges in life

Keep yourself safe by learning a truly effective Self-defense system to protect yourself against all sorts of dangers:


Stranger Danger

Building Awareness

How to avoid danger

How to react to danger

Learning Key Life Skills:







Moral and Ethical Values


All these skills and benefits will remain with you and continue to help you throughout your lives which is truly priceless.


These sessions will be held within the Links Combat Academy sessions.


badgeLevel 1 required for 3rd Kyu – 6 sessions

certificate example


badge  Level 2 required for 2nd Kyu – 6 sessions


badge Level 3 required for 1st Kyu – 6 sessions


badge  Level 4 required for 1st Dan – 6 sessions


Any student that is training within the Links Combat Academy sessions can obtain their levels they need through the classes.