Links Self Defense


Each level requires the student to master the specific defences for different types of attacks as well as training themselves in various punches and kicks and combination defense/attack moves.  The students will have to demonstrate their sparring ability and aggression.  This is not to develop an aggressive personality in the students, but more to enhance the spirit that is inherent in the close quarter combat ethos of Links Self Defense which will all be demonstrated in a safe environment.


It takes time to develop the specific skills required for each level and the skill set is an extension of the Links Karate syllabus. We feel that in todays world with bullying and unprovoked attacks rife this will give the students awareness by training in specific self defense needs so will now be added to our syllabus. 

Childrens Program

The Links Karate Childrens Program is a watered down version of our adults program where children still get to learn our new and reality based self-defense program, as well as learning and developing key life skills.  Techniques are age appropriate, using fun and interactive games for the younger children and becoming more realistic as the children get older with the goal of techniques and principles being taught with a deeper understanding.  

It is important to note that our self-defense training is designed to deal with both single and multiple opponents, very much like real life scenarios of today.  To top this off, lessons are always taught in a fun, warm and pleasant environment.

Physical Benefits

*Improving strength, fitness, body co-ordination and reflexes

*Improving body tone

Mental & Psychological Benefits

*Building a strong sense of self-belief, confidence and self-esteem.  This will continue to help them in every aspect of their lives as they continue to grow older!

*Greater ability to face obstacles and challenges in life

*Being a very physical activity as well, it is also one of the most effective ways to improve your mental health.  Regular exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on depression, anxiety, ADHD and more.  It also relieves stress, impacts memory, helps you sleep better, and boosts overall mood.  This is turn helps a child or adult to perform better in their studies and work life.

*Keep them safe by helping them to learn a truly effective Self-defense system to protect themselves against all sorts of dangers:


Stranger Danger

Building Awareness

How to avoid danger

How to react to danger

*Learning Key Life Skills:







Moral and Ethical Values

*Greater respect and discipline at home and in school


All these skills and benefits will remain with them and continue to help them throughout their lives which is truly priceless.


Course dates will follow for 2020

certificate example

lca logo Level 1 required for 3rd Kyu


lca logo  Level 2 required for 2nd Kyu


lca logo Level 3 required for 1st Kyu


lca logo  Level 4 required for 1st Dan


Any student that is training within the Links Combat Academy sessions can obtain their levels they need through the classes.