Links Karate will be running a Summer Course this year!

Saturday 19th June 10.30am – 3.30pm

Wix Village Hall, Harwich Road, Wix, CO11 2RY

autumn course

The chief Instructor on the course will be Sensei Paul Harris who will be assisted by other instructors from the club throughout the course.  The course is open to both junior and senior students at all grades.

Places for the course are strictly limited and fill up very quickly.

Those attending the course will require the following equipment; Licences, Karate Gi, Training T-shirt, Karate Mitts, Running Shoes.  Packed Lunches will be necessary


Benefits of attending the course –

Have fun and learn new skills.

Improve your basic Karate.

Improve your Kata and learn your new Kata for your next grade.

Improve your fitness.

Improving your Karate overall increasing your chance of being able to grade at the next grading.

Practice Grade for all Students preparing for Dan Grading

Some students, not all that are on the course may be assessed by the course Instructors over the period of the the day to have achieved the standard required for the next grade.  If so they will receive an up-grade slip at the end of the course and if you wish to accept the up-grade fill in and return the slip with the normal grading fee.Saturday 9th 


Combat Nunchaku sparring tricks and more, you will begin with the basic single techniques and by the end of this series you will have a complete unstoppable intense understanding on how to use this ancient weapon. 

Please watch out for the release date.


We will be arranging separate Kata training sessions for club members.  One of the hardest things for all students, all ages to grasp is Kata.  We feel training in one Kata on a specific training session will benefit everyone.

Please watch out for the first session which will be on the Kata – Kion

All students from White Belt to Red Belt need this Kata

Links Karate is now going to be supporting RELAY FOR LIFE for Cancer Research UK.  This is going to be an Annual event which is open to all club members, parents, and family of all ages.

This years event is going to be held on the 10th July.

Barbie Garle is going to be organising this event for Links Karate, if you want any information about booking in or taking part please contact her directly.