Adult Karate

Adult Karate Classes in Clacton, Great Holland, Dovercourt & Wix

How to enrol at a class


* Click on our venues page to find your nearest class

* No need to pre-book for our classes

* Dress in loose fitting clothing suitable for the class

* Come along 15 minutes prior to the class start time

* Pay your fee to the class administrator


All new students are permitted to train for up to 4 weeks before purchasing their karate equipment


All training equipment must be purchased through the club and must be Links Karate approved to be worn in all lessons.  All equipment can be ordered at any Links Karate session. i.e. GI/SUIT, BADGE, GLOVES, GUM SHIELD and KARATE LICENCE

Our classes build strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination, and foster an overall sense of well-being.

Regardless of whether you want to become a competitor, learn self-defence techniques or simply become more physically fit, this program will help you achieve your goal.  You develop increased endurance and muscle tone, improve balance,  quicker reflexes, increased flexibility and most importantly, a greater sense of well-being.  Keep in mind that no previous experience is required.

Our Adult Karate classes give you the ability to gain self-confidence and improve your physical and mental capacities.

Physical Benefits of Karate

* Increased cardiovascular fitness

* Improved Muscle Tone

* Boosted Energy

* Increased Flexibility

Mental Benefits of Karate

* Lower stress levels

* High self-esteem

* Better concentration and focus

* Emotional Satisfaction